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The game is pretty simple. You need 2 players on the same XBox controller. One player plays as the cook who must make the recipes the king is ordering as best as he can. The other player is the lackey and has to hold the king on his throne. The better the recipe, the more the king will burp, fart and move on his chair. The precise controls are explained after the small intro.

Tip: As the cook, you might want to put the same ingredient many times in the same dish.

It won the first prize at the Creative Jam 7th Edition, so we are pretty excited about this little game here. We left it as it was at the end of the jam, so you get the full jam experience. We might polish it a little and put a 1.1 version soon. Hope you will enjoy and feel free to leave us a comment if you like it (or even if you don't).

Have fun and good luck!

Made by:

Kris Brice/ 2D Artist

Maxime Flageole / Programmer

Jean Iskiw / 3D Artist

Jean-Francois Morin / Game Designer

Myriam Noel-Martel / Character Artist - Animator

Carlyne Poizeau / Sound Designer


GameOfFAT1.0.zip 109 MB

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